I am studying

Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation

at the

 USC Iovine and Young Academy

LA | Bay Area


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Giant Stitch PiggyBank

3D model created using Maya. Structure constructed with classmate, leveraging laser cut cardboard/paper mache, and supported by an internal wood structure, approx. 4 ft high
Inspired by the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch

USC Undergraduate Symposium for Creative Work, 2nd Place

Using laser cut acrylic prisms, film, iPads and dancers, my teammate (Jamie) and I created an installation of holograms that positively enhanced the intersection of dance with digital media

Plant Pot

3D modeled and printed using Autodesk Maya

Toaster Product Design

3D modeled a futuristic toaster in Autodesk Maya

Mushroom Forest

Created by the 3Doodler, a 3D Printing Pen


Portrayal of my Asian American amalgamation


Experimental artwork using gold foil; inspired by Gustav Klimt

Whiteboard Dry Erase Mural

Designed with my cohort, this mural depicts the intersection of art, technology, and business (9 x 27 ft)

Digital Illustration

Illustrated the members of my Iovine Young Academy family using Abode Illustrator

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Art For Recovery

Tapping into my art skills, I approached local Bay Area hospitals with a proposal (Power of Art in Pain Management) that leveraged the benefits of art as a pain intervention technique. My proposal included models of age-appropriate, easy to teach art projects and a service model to help pediatric patients.

With a vision to provide this service further, I decided to outreach and enable a similar art program in homeless shelters. The marketplace I created on my website connected hospitals and shelters with volunteers while garnering funds and art projects. My project resulted in reaching 9 Bay Area hospitals and homeless shelters to lead art & craft activities for resident children with a goal of channeling creative energies, and fostering the mental well-being of over 170 children (see art4recovery.com).

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Branch Out

In my Disruptive Innovation class we were given an entrepreneurial challenge to create the most profitable venture. As a team of four, we chose to launch a company of laser-cut, wooden greeting cards, pushing out a marketing campaign and website overnight, while positioning a unique brand identity. Winning first place in this e-challenge, we were able to secure $620 in the required two-week turnaround.


As a team of four, we took up the challenge of designing a product that potentially solves an issue in the Agriculture industry. We came up with a product that directly addresses the soil erosion issue faced by farmers everyday in the inadequate process of tilling. I took the initiative of building a prototype of this product, Rumble, using Maya, the 3D modeling software. This product is a spherical device that farmers can insert up to 5 feet deep into the topsoil depending on the crop's variable root depths. Rumble uses the ports located across its surface to send puffs of pressurized air through the plots and shakes the topsoil enough to enable water absorption, thereby also returning minerals to the soil. The project encompassed positioning Rumble's brand identity as well as its value proposition.





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A concentration of acrylic pieces that exploit the truth behind marketing gimmicks of leading global brands...

Shell Fuels


In'N'Out Fast Food

Internet Browsers

Taco Bell


Marlboro Cigarettes


College Board

National Basketball Association

Stanford University